Southern Medical Staffing

1247 MacArthur Dr Ste B
Alexandria, LA 71303

Tel: 318-445-2035
Fax: 318-445-2330

Southern Medical Staffing

    Southern Medical Staffing is a nurse owned supplemental healthcare staffing company originating over 8 years ago in Alexandria, Louisiana.  We are dedicated to providing medical facilities with qualified healthcare professionals in an efficient and personal manner.  In addition, we are committed to our clients by making them our priority and demonstrating exceptional service.  Our goal to the health and wellness of our community extends to in home private sitting, as well as providing on site flu clinics to local businesses.  As always, we are available 24 hours a day.

Private Sitting - Care In Your Home
Do you or someone your love need a caring hand while at home?

Have you recently had surgery and need some extra help at home?

Do you have to work, but worry about your loved ones that are left at home alone?

    Southern Medical Staffing can ease your mind.  Southern Medical Staffing provides Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) that are highly experienced in many aspects of the medical field to help you or your loved one's needs.  Let us handle the hassles of hiring and staffing so that you have no worries when it comes to your loved ones. Please visit the Services tab to discover more about our private sitters.

Flu Clinics
     Southern Medical Staffing provides flu clinics to local business in an effort to keep your employees healthy during flu season and minimize employee absenteeism.  Please  visit our Services page to learn more about the convenience  of our flu clinics.

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